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Mini Thin Client Advanced Wireless Wi-fi Cloud Computing Terminal

Price: ₹ 3,950.00
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  • Known as: wireless wifi thin client
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Mini Thin Client Advanced Wireless Wi-fi Cloud Computing Terminal Specifications, Review & Details

Main advantages

1. Cost saving .

Cloud Computing Terminal cost only 10% to 20% of a typical desktop computer. The design of integrating hardware and software together gives Cloud Computing Terminal unparalleled advantage in cost saving.
SPEED VDP technology and the free software enclosed in the product can make the HOST resources shared by all users easily. Now you don't need to purchase Windows permission, a lot of hardware and software cost can be saved.
The only thing you need to do is connecting your mouse, keyboard and monitor to the Cloud Computing Terminal, then you can surf the internet, and do your office work and so on.

2. Unified management and minimal maintenance.

All the upgrading and maintenance are done on the HOST (Server), no need to care about the Cloud Computing Terminal. Real zero maintenance for Cloud Computing Terminal.

3. Safe from internet virus.

Data stored in the HOST (Server), not the Cloud Computing Terminal, so it is very safe. And Cloud Computing Terminal is impossible for virus infection, so it is perfect in anti virus function.

4. Smart hardware design.

The smart Cloud Computing Terminal only takes 115*115*26mm room, with the mounting bracket enclosed in the package, you can fit the Cloud Computing Terminal to the backside of the LCD monitor, so it takes no extra room, makes your desk tight and beautiful.

5. Going green.

Cloud Computing Terminal cost only 5 watts power consumption, running without cooling fan. No noise and low radiation, very green and environmental.

6. No installation and limitless connection 

Only need 10s to start, no need to install device on host computer. No distance limit to connect to other computer, use IP address, you can even connect to other over sea’s computer!

Technological innovation &characteristics

1. Dual-working style.

Not only have the high-resolution displayed capacity of the network computer, but also enjoyment of your own vision VDP (Virtual Desktop Protocol)
Cloud Computing Terminal pioneering support both sharing computing and mini PC mode, so it can work as a client connect to server while at the same time, it can also finish most daily work independently. General network computer cannot support high-resolution display due to the limitation of both hardware and software, so the applications of network computer limited within small scope. Cloud Computing Terminal support up to 1280*1024 or 1440*900 display resolution, so we can enjoy the same vision enjoyment.

2. 10-second Quick Start function and nice print function supported

Compared to the long time starting process of traditional desktop computer, Cloud Computing Terminal may bring you super surprise; it takes only 10 seconds to start. Cloud Computing Terminal support printing function under both working modes, overcomes the traditional limitations of network computer.

Cloud Computing Terminal working mode

1. Sharing work mode


With VDP technology, you can set up sharing cloud computing network, the desk of Cloud Computing Terminal use the resources of the main HOST, and run remote desktop. It works just like a full typical desktop computer.

2. Mini PC mode

Cloud Computing Terminal can work as a stand alone mini computer. You can surf internet, enjoy cloud computing, run simplify Office software and even download data to your USB flash memory or other moving HDD.

Particularly suitable user group

1. Window service industries: Banking, Taxation, Insurance, Securities, health, etc.
2. Education field: Network classrooms, Libraries, Student hostels, etc.
3. High security requirements agencies or departments: Design Institute, Government Departments and the company's R&D department, etc.
4. Public: Airports, Railway stations, Streets, Offices, etc.
5. Hotels: with Cloud Computing Terminal, you don't need to worry for customers' demolition and replacement of the HOST computers.
6. Customers who want a machine purely used for surfing.
7. Others, like real estate business, convention centers, exhibition halls, etc.


1. The specs are: Dimension 115mm*26mm*115mm (L*H*W)
2. Weight 0.5kg
3. Power Input: 100-240V, 50/60Hz; Output:5V/2A
4. Firmware feature Windows CE 5.0 integrated RDP protocols
5. Onboard CPU ARM9 533MHz
6. Memory Onboard 128MB RAM
7. Storage Onboard 64MB Flash
8. Display support Max 1280*1024@85Hz,16bit/24 true/32 true colors; Widescreen 1440*900 support
9. Management Remote management, configuration;
10. Wake terminal remotely (Wake-on-Lan)
11. Onboard LAN 10/100 Mb/s
12. Operating range 3k meters
13. Support Wireless through a USB-WIFI-Card or buildin WIFI .
14. Ports: 1 RJ-45 LAN port; 3 USB 2.0 ports; 1 DC in port; 2 Audio jacks: speaker-out and mic-in;
15. Server OS support: Windows XP, Windows Server 2000/2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7.

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