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Mini Thin Client PS/2 Convert 1 PC to 30 Virtual Multi PC

Price: ₹ 1,950.00


  • Known as: mini thin client
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Mini Thin Client PS/2 Convert 1 PC to 30 Virtual Multi PC Specifications, Review & Details

As an Importer we are offering this high quality product to you at a very low cost.

Todays PCs are like supercomputers

Most PC users only use a small fractionas low as 5%of the power they paid for. N130 takes the excess capacity and allows up to 30 users to each enjoy their own rich PC experience. They feel like they have their own PC, but at afraction of the cost and without all of the maintenance headaches.

Dramatically reduce your computing

The N130 costs less than half the price of entry-level PCs, and the ongoing savings are even higher. With no moving parts or local storage, repairs are rare and take minutes. Your maintenance costs are kept in check because you only have to maintain and upgrade the sharedPCsnot the N130s. In fact, whenever you refresh to the latest PC technology, your N130 users will automatically enjoy the increased performance. Going green? Compare the 5 watts of power consumed by the N130 to the 115 watts or more in a typical PC. The small chassis (about the size of a paperback book) consumes less power, generates less heat, produces less e-waste, and makes no noise.

Easy to install, simple to manage

Plug in your mouse, keyboard, monitor, and Ethernet cables. Install the included software on the shared PC. Thats all it takes to add multiple users, each with their own rich Windows or Linux environment. Best of all, you can run standard applications and your staff and users wont need any special training.

Tap the vast unused power of standard PCs

Why select the N130?

The N130 is ideal for:

Schools and universities, Business and office applications, Internet and email


Key Features & Benefits

Cost-effective Save up to 70% on the total cost of ownership versus buying a traditional desktop PC. Each N130 access terminal consumes very little power, requires little maintenance and has no moving parts.

Minimal maintenance

You only have to maintain and upgrade the host PC since each N130 has no major hardware components, such as a CPU or hard-drive.
Simultaneous desktop operation
Each N130 accesses the host PC OS and runs its user applications concurrently and independently.

Small efficient design

Space-saving design allows more room in your office or on your desk. Since the N130 has no moving parts, it runs completely silently and saves energy by drawing only 5 watts. This design meets strict environmental guidelines and is RoHS compliant.

Powerful and flexible

Runs on Windows and Linux and supports 640x480, 1024x768, 1280x1024, by 16 bit colors.

You can choose to set the bracket to fit the network pcat the back of the LCD

* Support windows XP SP3 patch



Size Access Device: 115*115 *26 mm Shipping Size: 251*205*68mm


N130 Access Terminal: 180g Shipping Weight (includes power adapter, packaging, documentation, etc. ): 560g

Power Supply

Input: 100-250 VAC, 50-60 Hz; Output: 5 VDC, 2 A
Nominal consumption: 5 Watts

Front LED

Power: connection to power supply LAN: connection to network
Ready: connection to host PC

Rear Ports

01 Speaker Output
02 Keyboard Port
03 Mouse Port
04- LAN port (RJ45)
05 Video port
06 DC Power Input
07 On/Off Power Switch

Connection to
Host PC

Via 100 Mb/s switched Ethernet connection


640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 (at 60 or 75 Hz refresh rate), 1280x1024 (~63 Hz). All feature up to
16-bit color support.


Stereo output via speaker port

Data Security No USB ports on terminal ensure absolute data security

Internal HW

  • All solid-state design, no moving parts, no fans, no local user storage
  • N130 System-on-Chip with SDRAM and flash
  • Embedded N130 operating firmware (no local user OS)


>>100,000 hours (calculated using Bellcore Issue 6 TR-332, Case 2, Part I at 40C)

HW Security No local user storage


Max # Users
Per PC

30 users* when using a server host OS (i.e. Windows Server 2003)
10 users when using a desktop OS (i.e. Windows XP)

User Software N130 terminal services software


  • Microsoft: Windows XP Professional and Media Center Edition 2005
  • Windows Server 2003, Small Business Server 2003
  • Linux: several variants (refer to support section of Website for latest supported revisions of


Kit Contents

N130 Kit includes access terminal, power supply, software installation & users guide and other peripherals are NOT included and must be purchased separately.

  • The number of users on individual host will depend upon the host system capabilities as well as the applications used and performance expectations for those applications. It is recommended that new customers test their application(s) before adding additional users.
  • Does not support 3D games or full screen home theater video applications.
  • Application software and OS licenses for the host PC may be required by the respective software vendor and must be purchased separately.

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