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Desmat Refill Ink Bottle HP CANON 4* 100ML Lexmark

Price: ₹ 850.00


  • Known as: refilling ink bottle
  • Manufactured by: Rational
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Desmat Refill Ink Bottle HP CANON 4* 100ML Lexmark Specifications, Review & Details


Desmat is the most widely used refill ink in India and is reputed for high quality and reliability

Suitable for refilling HP, Canon & Lexmark printers. 100 ml bottle X 4

24 strips of blue tape ( 3 cm each) for protecting cartridge nozzle before / after refilling. ( The tape which comes with the original cartridges). Put this tape on the cartridge nozzle immediately after you remove the cartridge from the printer, otherwise the ink starts drying and jams the nozzle. Once you refill, put fresh strip back on the nozzle till the time its installed into the printer.

1 tool kit consisting of thumb drill (used to enlarge refill hole)and two other small tools, including small ink suction tool. Depending on your cartridge model, you may need one or all of them.

Please note that these inks are not low quality. Desmat is pan india brand. We are selling at a low price bcoz we want to earn through volume by giving honest price to the customers. If any other selling is shouting in capital letters that except for him, all other ink is bad, then he is probably desparate to protect his unjustified mark up of price.

Shape of bottles can be different than the pictures below as the company has recently changed the bottle shape with a better looking design.


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