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Desmat CISS Supply Ink Kit 4 Color for Epson Printers

Price: ₹ 1,650.00


  • Known as: ciss inking kit
  • Manufactured by: Rational
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Desmat CISS Supply Ink Kit 4 Color for Epson Printers Specifications, Review & Details

DESMAT CISS FOR EPSON 73N T11,T20E,T100,TX101,TX200,TX400 Cartridges

Desmat is one of the best company which provides with best printing solutions. It not only sells in India but also import and export its products. Desmat ink is most reliable ink and productive ink which is capable of printing best quality photos.

The  printing revolution starts here with our amazing Desmat Continuous Ink Supply System CISS. Containing up to 20x more ink than a manufacturer's set of cartridges. Exceptional quality inks ensure premium output from your inkjet printer.

The Desmat Continuous Ink product is an external bulk ink system supplying ink directly to your inkjet printer.  When the ink in the tank is empty, simply refill the 100ml capacity ink tanks with ciss ink. No messy ink bottles to handle!

Desmat Ciss is best quality Ciss available on Ebay. It reduces printer cost by 90%.

It is compatible with all printers using Epson 73N cartridges







It comes with 4 tanks of 100 ml ink tanks with contain 100 ml inks of each colour. The tanks are attached to the cartridges which comes in the Ciss kit.When the ink in tank is empty use Ciss refill ink to refill the tanks.The ciss tank prints about 200x more pages then the normal original cartridge.

This is only one time investment and the printer will run at almost nill cost after that.

Package Contents-

Complete Desmat Ciss kit which includes 4 tanks (Cyan, Magneta, Yellow, Black) with 4x100 ml ink attached to 4 cartridges.

The content will be packed in the original box.

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