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Toshiba PA3761U-1DV2

Price: ₹ 2,050.00


  • Known as: Toshiba usb dvd
  • Manufactured by: Toshiba
  • Origin of Country INDIA

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Toshiba PA3761U-1DV2 Specifications, Review & Details

Specifications of Toshiba PA3761U-1DV2

Brand Toshiba
Model Name PA3761U-1DV2
Model Id PA3761U-1DV2
Category External DVD Writer
Key Features USB Powered, Universal Compatibility (Windows Vista and Above, Linux)
Part Number PA3761U-1DV2
Other Features
Other Compatible Media DVD Multi Recorder, CD Rewritable (Ultra Speed), DVD+ Rewritable, DVD+R DL
Operatinal Requirement
Power Source USB
Weight 370 g
System Requirements
Interface USB 2.0
Operating System Windows Vista and Above, Linux
Warranty Summary 1 Year

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