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Moser Baer Blank CD-R Pack of 10 PCs

Price: ₹ 140.00
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  • Known as: blank dvd
  • Manufactured by: MoserBaer
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Moser Baer Blank CD-R Pack of 10 PCs Specifications, Review & Details

Moser Baer 50 blank CD Moserbaer CDs 2-52x

MoserBaer CD-R are highly advanced discs that enable high-speed recording and storing of not just data, but also audio and video files. The first 52x CD-Rs to be launched in India, they provide excellent thermal sensitivity to the laser ray and maintain data integrity without degradation in any way. Moser Baer CD-Rs are compatible with most conventional recording drives.


  • Capacity:                        700 MB/80 min
  • Speed :                           2x - 52x
  • Disc Diameter :              120 mm ± 0.3 mm
  • Thickness :                     1.14 + 0.06 / -0.01 mm
  • Centre Hole Diameter :  15 mm ± 0.05 mm
  • Disc Material :                Polycarbonate
  • Recording Layer :          Phenylalanine Dye
  • Reflector Layer :            Silver
  • Protective Layer :          UV Lacquer
  • To safegaurd Delivery and later storage Buyer will receive New 50 Pcs of Moser Baer Blank Media in separate paper pouches, Image shown is only indicative

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