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Logitech K100 PS/2 Classic Keyboard

Price: ₹ 530.00


  • Known as: K100 Keyboard
  • Manufactured by: Logitech
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Logitech K100 PS/2 Classic Keyboard Specifications, Review & Details

Classic Keyboard K100 - PS/2 (Black)

Logitech K100 is a slim and compact keyboard. This Logitech keyboard is wired with PS/2 connector. The keyboard's space saving design helps you fit it into any small space. The lightweight keyboard is full-sized with a number pad. The thin profile enhances the slim design of the K100 keyboard.

The feather touch keys are built in to a spill resistant body. With eight additional hotkeys, the Logitech K100 Keyboard is built to deliver high performance. The hotkeys have convenient add-on functions of Play/Pause, Mute, Volume down, Volume up, Internet home,Launch default e-mail application, PC sleep, and Calculator launch. The keyboard is full sized with number pad.

The K100 keyboard is fitted with tilt stands that open out to provide an 8 degree tilt to the keyboard, so you can experience better typing comfort. The Logitech K100 keyboard comes with a 3 year limited hardware warranty.

Specifications of Classic Keyboard K100 - PS/2 (Black)

General Specifications
Brand Logitech
Color Black
Features 1. Compact, space-saving design.

2. Spill-resistant design; Liquid drains out of the keyboard, so you dont have to worry about ruining your investment with accidental spills.

3. Thin profile ,Full-size keyboard; You can work without feeling cramped thanks to the standard layout with an integrated number pad.

4. PS/2 connection; Its compatible with mainstream PCs for quick and easy setup.

Interface PS/2
Model K100
OS Supported Windows XP, Windows Vista , Windows 7
Part Number 920-003557
Type Keyboards
Warranty 3-Year Limited Hardware Warranty


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