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Intex Sharp 2.4 Mobile

Price: ₹ 1,250.00


  • Known as: intex mobile
  • Manufactured by: Intex
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Intex Sharp 2.4 Mobile Specifications, Review & Details

Intex Sharp 2.4 (Black)

Intex Sharp 2.4 is a Candybar phone weighing 90g. Its dimensions are 119MM x 51.5MM x 15.10MM. The talk-time of the phone is Up to 3 Hours(2G). The phone operates at frequencies of GSM 900 / 1800, GSM 900 / 1800. The Phone has a Display of 2.4 Inch, 240 x 320, TFT, 262K Colors. This model comes with Camera of, Primary - 1.3 megapixels with, Digital Zoom.

Specifications of Intex Sharp 2.4 (Black)

In Sales Package USB Cable, Handset, USB Travel Charger, User Manual, Warranty Card, Battery, Earphone
Brand Intex
Model ID Sharp 2.4
SIM Type Dual SIM
Touch Screen No
Handset Color Black
OS CandyBar
Type TFT
Size 2.4 Inches
Resolution 240 x 320 Pixels
Primary Camera 1.3 Megapixel
Size 51.5x119x15.1 mm
Type Li-Ion, 1500 mAh
Memory and Storage
Internal 50
Expandable Memory microSD, upto 16 GB
Internet & Connectivity
USB Connectivity Yes
Warranty Summary 1 Year
Warranty Service Type Customer need to call the nearby authorize service center

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