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Zebra GT820 Thermal Barcode Printer

Price: ₹ 16,390.00


  • Known as: zebra gt820 barcode printer
  • Manufactured by: Zebra
  • Click for other Products of Zebra for best price, offers & sales in our online storeOrigin of Country INDIA

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Zebra GT820 Thermal Barcode Printer Specifications, Review & Details

Zebra GT820 Desktop Printer

Ideal for These Applications

• Manufacturing
– Light-industrial work-in-process
– Product and shipping labeling

• Transportation & logistics
– Boarding tickets
– Bag tags
– Parking passes

• Government
– Asset management
– Documents management
– Evidence tracking

• Healthcare
– Laboratory specimen
– Blood bank labeling

• Retail
– Price labeling
– Receipt printing

Zebra GT820 Barcode Printer

Standard Features

• 300 meter ribbon capacity
• 32 bit RISC processor
• Co-resident EPL and ZPL programming languages
• GT 800 series Connectivity Options:
– GT820: Serial & USB
– GT800: Serial, USB & Parallel
• Print methods: Thermal transfer and direct thermal modes
• Construction: Dual-wall frame, reinforced plastic
• OpenACCESS™ for easy media and ribbon loading
• Certified Microsoft® Windows® drivers

Printer Specifications

Resolution: 203dpi/ 8dots per mm
Memory: 8MB Flash, 8MB SDRAM (standard)
Print Width: 4.09”/ 104mm

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