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Wireless Mouse M505 - USB Logitech

Price: ₹ 1,770.00


  • Known as: Logitech M505
  • Manufactured by: Logitech
  • Click for other Products of Logitech for best price, offers & sales in our online storeOrigin of Country INDIA

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Wireless Mouse M505 - USB Logitech Specifications, Review & Details

1: Logitech M505 cordless mouse has three colors, red, black, silver, black color Through the mirror surface treatment it looks very shiny, cool feeling , very smooth touch


2:M505 uses a symmetrical design,  Right and left sides with a rubber material, feel more delicate and soft, with the retraction grip, users can feel more comfortable.
 3: Logitech M505 cordless mouse  has 3 buttons, left and right keys has  the depression on the surface, match with finger shape.
4:M505 wireless mouse uses 2.4GHz wireless technology, wireless transmission range up to 10 meters anti-interference ability, even in the electronic environment can be a large number of stable transmission signal. 128-bit AES encryption but also to ensure safety.
5:15 months of extraordinary battery life.
6:Laser engine, positioning accuracy, stability
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