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Price: ₹ 650.00
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  • Known as: mini sd card
  • Manufactured by: SanDisk
  • Origin of Country INDIA

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SanDisk 2GB MINI SD CARD Specifications, Review & Details


The MiniSD Card, a thumb sized flash memory card, offers the best features of SD but in smaller physical form factor. New capabilities in 2.5G and 3G mobile phones including built-in digital still cameras, content downloading, and games are dramatically increasing the requirements for data storage and creating the need for removable storage. The miniSD Card meets this need by providing the functionality of a standard SD Card in the ultra small form factor required by mobile phones.

The MiniSD SECURE DIGITAL memory card is available in capacities from 128MB to 2GB and is compatible with portable computing devices, digital cameras, cellular phones, voice recorders and MP3 players. This MiniSD Secure Digital SD Card is the perfect storage device for Digital Cameras, Cell Phone,MP3 Players, PDA's, etc. It is of perfect quality.

These MiniSD cards are manufactured to SD Card specifications and are compatible with digital devices that use Secure Digital. Offering data transfer rates from standard to fast, MiniSD cards are ready to serve all needs. About the size of a common postage stamp, the SD memory card is a "non-volatile" device which means that it does not require power to retain the information stored inside.

MiniSD Secure Digital (SD) is the fastest growing category of flash memory cards due to its widespread use in digital cameras, digital camcorders, PDAs, handheld PCs and mobile phones, the SD cards will surpass Compact Flash and become the most popular flash memory card .

The MiniSD memory cards are solid state devices, so there are no moving parts to break down or wear out. Offering great versatility, the SD card is poised to combine fast transfer speed with high storage capacity. There easy-to-use secure memory cards can be used in a house of digital devices ranging from digital still cameras to MP3 players to PDAs and more. Furthermore, the MiniSD cards provide key enhancements over existing flash cards such as cryptographic security, improved protection of copyright data, a high data transfer rate for fast read/write, and high storage capacities.


Cellular Phones

Handheld computers

Personal Digital Assistant


Highly portable Computing

Global Positioning System

Smart Phones

Digital Cameras

Car Navigation

Digital Audio Recorders

Route Finders

Music Players


Story Tellers

Electronic Books

Key Features :

Dimension 21.5 X 20 X 1.4 mm
Weight 1.0 Grams
Write Protect Switch No
Compact and portable
Very easy to use
Fast data transfer
High security
Large Capacity

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