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Norton Mobile Security Antivirus For Android Mobiles And Tablet

Price: ₹ 480.00


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Norton Mobile Security Antivirus For Android Mobiles And Tablet Specifications, Review & Details

Norton Mobile Security For Android Mobiles And Tablet

norton mobile security

product Descrition


  • Protects your privacy and the important stuff on your phone
    • Lets you remotely erase sensitive information and other stuff on your phone if it’s lost or stolen.
    • Blocks fraudulent (phishing) websites designed to trick you into revealing personal information that can be used to steal your identity and money.
    • Blocks annoying and unwanted calls and text messages.
  • Prevents strangers from using your phone if it’s lost or stolen and even helps you find it
    • Shows you where your phone is so you can locate it instantly.
    • Lets you remotely lock, locate and even wipe your phone via SMS (text message).
    • Gives you the ability to lock and locate your phone via any Web browser.
    • Instantly locks your phone if its SIM card is removed, so it can’t be used with another SIM card.
  • Detects and eliminates mobile threats before they can infect your phone
    • Detects and removes mobile threats that cybercriminals could use to eavesdrop on you, steal your stuff, send spam texts and take control of your mobile device.
    • Automatically scans downloaded apps and app updates for threats.
    • Gives you the option of automatically scanning SD (Secure Digital) memory cards for threats when you plug them into your mobile device.
  • Fast, easy to use and won’t slow you down
    • Downloads and installs with just a few clicks and checks for updates every week for the most up-to-date protection.
    • Won’t swallow up your mobile device’s resources or slow down your Web browsing


  • Remote Locate - Shows you the location of your phone via Web or SMS, so you can find it if it’s lost or stolen.
  • Remote Lock - Lets you remotely lock your lost or stolen phone via Web or SMS to prevent strangers from seeing your private stuff or running up your mobile bill.
  • Remote Wipe - Lets you remotely erase the stuff on your phone via SMS if it’s lost or stolen, including any data on your phone’s memory card.
  • Web-based Lost Notice - Displays a customizable message to anyone who finds your missing device, so you can make arrangements to get it back.
  • Web-based Sneak Peek - Snaps photos of anyone in front of your device then saves the images. (Webcam devices only.)
  • Call & Text Blocker - Lets you block calls and text messages from specific people or phone numbers.
  • Buddy List - Lets you identify certain trusted contacts (friends or family) who can send an unlock code to your phone.
  • Antiphishing Web Protection - Blocks fraudulent (phishing) websites. Protects your device and your stuff on mobile networks and Wi-Fi connections, without slowdowns or interruptions.
  • Download Threat Protection - Automatically scans all the apps and app updates you download to your mobile device for threats.
  • Norton Community Watch - Collects information volunteered by millions of Norton users to spot new threats faster, identify safe files, and provide stronger, more efficient protection.
  • “Scream” Locator - Lets you send a text to your missing phone that sets off a “Scream”, so you can find it fast.

Additional Information

Operating system

·         Android™ 2.2 or later

Device requirements

·         Android™ 2.2 with 1.8 MB of storage

·         Works with Android™ phones and tablets

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