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Microtek UPS 600VA PC Power Backup

Price: ₹ 2,585.00


  • Known as: microtek 600 va ups
  • Manufactured by: Microtek
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Microtek UPS 600VA PC Power Backup Specifications, Review & Details

Microtek UPS - 625 VA

Salient Features
EXCELLENT VOLTAGE REGULATION : This UPS provides highly stable output voltage in Backup mode with all type of non linear loads, like SMPS / Inductive / TFT etc.
NO LOAD SHUTDOWN : In case No load is connected to the UPS, it will sense the load condition and automatically Shut Down after 3 minutes to protect unnecessary discharge of battery. Hence increases battery life.
Inverter/Generator Compatible : This Microtek E² Series UPS has been designed to work with Inverters and Generators. This UPS will consider the input from Inverter or Generator as mains and keep providing Extended Backup to the computer, without discharging its own battery.
FAST BATTERY CHARGING : This UPS utilizes unique FCBC Technology, which charges the Battery in less than 5 hours, in order to keep your UPS ready immediately for next emergency.
Battery Deep Discharge / Over Charge Protection : The UPS has in-built electronic protection circuit which protects the batteries from getting deep discharged or over charged.
Extended AVR Range of 145~300 volts : When the voltage fluctuates within this AVR range, this UPS gives you voltage output of 230 volts ± 9% and doesn't switch the UPS to "Battery Backup mode".
Over Load / Short Circuit Protection : If the UPS is excessively overloaded in backup mode or encounters a short circuit, it will go into protection mode. The output will be shut down in this case and warn you to correct the load condition.
VIRGIN Copper in Transformers : Hi-Grade Virgin Copper is used in these UPSs which ensures high reliability, perfomance and Longer Life.
Technical Specifications
Heritage Gold
Range / Frequency(50Hz+5%)
145~300V AC
Voltage / Transfer Time
230V ± 9% AC / <6ms
Regulator on Mains / Regulator on Battery
Automatic Voltage Regulation / Pulse Width Modulation
Unit Input / Noise
Fuse Protection / Noise Filter
Short Circuit (Line) / Short Circuit (Inverter)
Fuse Protection / Pulse to Pulse Electronic active Protection
Type / Recharge Time
SMF / 2~8 Hrs. (depending on the status of Battery)
Backup Time/ Batery Rating
10 ~20min (Load 1PC) / 12V 7.2AH / 7AH
Battery Backup (Sound beeping)
Per 8 sec. (Approx.)
Battery Low
Sound beeping long
LED Display
Mains mode operation / AVR Working
Inverter output from battery
Size (L x W x H)
Weight (Approx.):
Heritage Gold 6Kg.
Operating Temperature / Rel. Humidity
0ºC ~ 48ºC ; 32ºF ~ 120ºF / 0 to 90% non-condensing
Audible Noise level
<35dB, distance 1 meter from UPS


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