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Manual KVM 2 Port KVM Switch Box

Price: ₹  550.00

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  • Known as: kvm switch vga sharer
  • Manufactured by: Imported
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Manual KVM 2 Port KVM Switch Box Specifications, Review & Details

100% Brand Manual KVM 2 Port KVM Switch Box + VGA Mouse Keyboard

Item Description

  • KVM 2 Port KVM Switch Box.
  • Supports operation system as DOS, Windows 3.X, 95/98/98SE/2000 ME/XP, WinNT.Netware, Unix, Linux.
  • KVM 4-Port switch allows user to control 2 computers with one monitor, USB keyboard, mouse, and printer.
  • All-in-one mini KVM switch with USB connectors.
  • Switch between computers by clicking the button on the switch.
  • Compatibility: Windows 3.x/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista, Netware, Unix, Linux.
  • High VGA Resolution 1024x768, 1920x1440, 2048*1536.
  • No external power required, system powered up with your cable.
  • Auto scan mode for monitoring PCs.
  • Connection: connect VGA of computer A to PC1, VGA of computer B to PC2, etc; connect USB mouse/keyboard/printer to the 3 USB console ports; connect USB cable from computer A to USB1, USB cable from computer B to USB2, etc.
  • VGA Mouse Keyboard 1.5m Meter 5 Feet.
  • Compatible with VGA monitor, PS/2 mouse, and PS/2 keyboard.
  • Measures 1.5m (5 feet) long.
  • 15-Pin standard VGA male monitor connector.
  • 6-Pin standard PS/2 mouse and PS/2 keyboard connector.
  • Male to male connector.

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