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HXAD HXSP-2118C RS232-RS422/RS485 Active Industrial Grade Optically Isolated Converter

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  • Known as: RS232 Isolated Converter
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Ask about HXAD HXSP-2118C RS232-RS422/RS485 Active Industrial Grade Optically Isolated Converter?

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HXAD HXSP-2118C RS232-RS422/RS485 Active Industrial Grade Optically Isolated Converter Specifications, Review & Details

HXAD HXSP-2118C RS232-RS422/RS485 Active Industrial Grade Optically Isolated Converter

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Power Supply 9v
Interface Type 232-485
Approval CE, Rohs, Fcc
Brand HXAD
Warranty 1 year
Support OS All

HXADSP-2118C industrial grade optically isolated interface converter, compatible with RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 standard, can convert single-ended RS-232 signals into balanced differential RS-422 or RS-485 signals, built-in Optocoupler and DC/DC DC regulated converter can provide 3500V isolation voltage. Fast transient voltage suppressor (TVS) can effectively suppress lightning (LingHEning) and ESD to provide 600W lightning surge protection power per line. It can effectively prevent lightning strikes and common ground interference.

    The RS-232 interface is connected to the serial port of the computer through a DB9 female connector, and the RS-422/RS-485 terminal is connected via a DB9 pin or a convenient six-position terminal block for plugging and unplugging. Due to RS-485 supports two-wire half-duplex. That is to say, RS-485 only needs two lines to send data and receive data. Handshake signal (such as RTS REQUEST TOSEND) usually controls the direction of data transmission. HXADSP-2118C optically isolated interface The converter's internal circuitry automatically senses the direction of the data stream and automatically switches the enable control. Can easily form an RS-

The 485 network does not require any handshaking signals. This RS-485 enable control is completely transparent and does not require any software modifications to the previous RS-232 based mode of operation.

Second, the performance parameters

1. Interface characteristics: The interface is compatible with EIA/TIA RS-232C and RS-485/RS-422 standards;

2, electrical interface: RS-232C interface DB9 hole type connector, RS-422/RS-485 interface DB9 female connector and equipped with six-digit terminal;

3. Transmission medium: twisted wire;

4, working mode: asynchronous half-duplex or asynchronous full-duplex;

5, signal indication: three signal indicators TXD, RXD, POWER;

6, isolation: isolation voltage: 3500VRMS, 500VDC continuous;

7. Protection level: RS-232 interface ±15KVESD protection, RS-422/RS-485 interface 600W lightning surge protection per line;

8, transmission rate 300-115 • 2KBPS;

9, transmission distance: 0-5KM;

10, size: 90mmX65mmX25.5mm

11, the use of the environment: 0 ° C -50 ° C relative humidity of 5% to 95%;

Third, pin definition 1, RS-232 pin definition

DB9 Female(PIN) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


2, RS-422 / RS-485 pin definition

DB9 Pub1IC (PIN) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

RS-485 definition 485- 485+ NC NC GND FGN external power supply +9V

Fourth, the installation settings and applications

HXADSP-2118C optical isolation interface converter, read the product manual carefully before use, the 9P end of the communication cable is connected to the RS-232 interface end, the 9F terminal is connected to the RS-232C end of the control host, and the power converter is connected + The 9V jack, RS-485/RS-422 is terminated with a lead terminal, and connected to the RS-422 or RS-485 device according to the lead terminal pin definition.

The HXADSP-2118C interface supports the following four communication methods:

1. Point-to-point/four-line full-duplex;

2, point to multi-point / four-line full duplex;

3. Point-to-point/two-line and half-duplex;

4, point to multi-point / two-line half-duplex;

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