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E-Kundali Touch Hindi,English,Gujarati,Bangla,Telugu Mobile App

Price: ₹ 2,750.00


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E-Kundali Touch Hindi,English,Gujarati,Bangla,Telugu Mobile App Specifications, Review & Details

E-Kundali Touch Hindi,English,Gujarati,Bangla,Telugu Mobile App


A Paid Offline Horoscope/Kundali app based on Vedic/Indian/Hindu astrology. Get Horoscope/Kundali with predictions generated in just a few seconds. The amount of content and the depth of details provided in this app is incomparable with any app in the entire android marketplace.

  • This app has the following contents :-

  •    *  Main Horscope
  •    *  Transit (Gochar)
  •    *  Annual (Varshaphala)
  •    *  Marriage Matching
  •    *  Each section is filled with many features. They are as follows:-

  • Main Horoscope Section

  •    *  Astrological Particulars (Avakahra Chakra, Ghat Chakra and Geographical details)
  •    *  Planetary Positions ( Houses, Degree, Nakshtra (Star) etc)
  •    *  Distance (Aspects) between Planets to Planets.
  •    *  Shodash Varga Kundali – All 16 charts with Chandra Kundali
  •    *  Ashtak Varga of all palnets, Kaksha (house) strength, Sarvashtaka Varga and yogas based
           on Ashtak Varga and Sarvashtaka Varga, Detail observations from Sarvashtaka
  •    *  Bhava Sphutas & Kundalis
  •    *  Bhava Kundali & Chalit Kundali.
  •    *  Distance (Aspects) between different houses and Planets.
  •    *  Graha Maitri Chakras (General, Tatkalik and panchadha (Five Fold)
  •    *  Planetary Avasthas & Tara Chakras (sannadi, sthunas and other important nakshtra
           (Star) Classifications.
  •    *  Sudarshan Chakra (Graphical with Reference)
  •    *  Vimshottari Dasha – Maha dasha, Antar, Patyantar, Sukshma & Pran Dasha
  •    *  Ashtottari Dasha
  •    *  Yogini Dasha
  •    *  General Prediction (Mental Prediction,Physical Appearance, Qualities, Negative traits,
           Specific Characters, Occupation, Favourable and unfavourable planets, Famous persons
           having same ascendant (Lagna) as yours
  •    *  Planetary Combinations (Yoga) Applicable in Kundali/Horoscope - Important Yogas:
           Dhana Yogas, Vitta Hani Yogas, Nabhasha Yogas, Anishta Yogas, Ravi Yogas, Chandra Yogas,
           Pancha Mahapurusha Yogas, Graha Malika Yogas, Arishta Yogas (Coverage of approx 750 Yogas)
  •    *  Predictions from Astrological Constant e.g. Vaar/Tithi/Nakshtra /Ayan/Ritu/Masa/Paksha/
           S S Yoga/Karan etc.
  •    *  Dasha/Antar Dasha Predictions of Vimshottari Dasha.
  • Transit (Gochar) Section :-

  •    *  Facility to cast Transit/Prashna/Gochar chart of any place for any date and Time.
  •    *  Planetary Positions & Dispositions in Transit (Gochar)
  •    *  Predictions of Transit (Gochar) of all the planets.
  • Annual (Varshphala) Section :-

  •    *  Planetary Positions & Dispositions , Muntha Position
  •    *  Dwadash Vargiya Charts
  •    *  Graha Bala in Varsha-Phala Chart ( Pancha/Dwadash Vargiya / Harsha Bala)
  •    *  Varsh Dashas (Patyayini/ Mudda Vimshottari/ Mudda Yogini/ Mudda Shodashottari and
           Jaimini Chara Dasha)
  •    *  Varsha-Phala Predictions from Patyayni Dasha
  • Marriage Matching Section :-

  • (North Indian/South Indian/Gujrati/Marathi/Janma Bhoomi Panchang Style of Ashtakoota Matching)

  •    *  Astrological Particulars of Vara-Vadhu
  •    *  Planetary Positions & Kundali/Navamsha/Saptamsha of Vara-Vadhu (Groom-Bride)
  •    *  Ashta-koota agreement & Gun-milan score (max. 36 points)
  •    *  Detail Analysis of Ashtakoota Agreement.
  •    *  Sensitive points applied in Boy and Girl Chart( Beeja & Kshtera Sphootas)

  • Other Notable Features:-

  •    #  This App Runs Offline. No need to connect to the internet
  •    #  Cast horoscope in North/South and East Indian Style
  •    #  100% Accurate Calculations
  •    #  Longitude, Latitude database of more than 250,000 places
  •    #  10 types of Ayanamsha
  •    #  6 types of House cusp

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