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eFAX Super Internet FAX Service Provider without FAX Machine & Line

Price: ₹  3,300.00
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eFAX Super Internet FAX Service Provider without FAX Machine & Line Specifications, Review & Details


Superfax is a next generation Internet based online fax solution that provides you the flexibility to send and receive faxes directly through email.


How Superfax works?

Superfax gives you a real phone number in your area which you can distribute to your contacts as your fax number. This number when called gives a fax tone to the caller. This number is internally mapped to your email id.

When someone sends a fax to this number, an SMS is sent to you and the fax comes to your email mailbox as a PDF attachment. Just replying to the email can send a fax back to the sender.

 online fax

Fax to Email

Customer gets a virtual number with a fax tone and when this number is called, the incoming fax is received, and converted to a PDF. This PDF is then emailed to your inbox as a PDF attachment.

Email to Fax

Customer sends an e-mail with an attachment to the id : @superfax.in. This attachment is then extracted and sent to () as a paper fax.

email to fax

Key Features

  • Fax Anywhere & Anytime: Send or receive faxes anywhere in the world via email. Always On and Never Busy
  • 100% Private & Confidential: Your own private fax number, No need to share a fax number with others
  • Instant Notification: Instant SMS Alert on fax arrival
  • Zero Maintenance cost: No telephone line required, No electricity required, Hassle Free
  • Low Cost: Very economical outgoing fax, Saves paper, ink and cartridge expense
  • Green Fax: Paperless, Over internet, No electricity
  • Send/Receive International Faxes: Send international faxes without ISD
  • Multiple Retries: Automatic re-try while sending fax
  • Send Bulk Fax: Send Copy of Fax to Multiple People Automatically
  • Secure: High confidentiality ensured by 128-bit encryption technology.


Superfax allows entrepreneur to receive all his important faxes on his email, even when he is not in the office, without having to worry about fax machine, telephone line or those all pervasive power cuts.

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