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Digital Coaxial Audio Cable S/PDIF Dolby Digital 1.5M

Price: ₹  550.00

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Digital Coaxial Audio Cable S/PDIF Dolby Digital 1.5M Specifications, Review & Details

Digital Coaxial Audio Cable - S/PDIF Dolby Digital 1.5M

For connecting the Digital Coax Output on your DVD Player/ Soundblaster Audigy/ Reliance Big TV DVR, etc.. to the Home Theater or speaker System

Length: 1.5 Meters

This digital coaxial cable is 1.5 meters long and features high-purity gold-plated metal connectors, Oxygen free stranded copper conductors and 100% copper shielding for improved signal transfer and reduced energy loss. Enhances movies with Dolby® Digital and DTS® surround sound.

High-density double-shielding for maximum rejection of RFI and EMI and improved sound quality

The thin metal sleeve found on most RCA connectors can't form a tight connection, so the plug may not conduct electricity well, often coming loose. The connectors on our cable solve this problem completely. Each connector has an extra thick, rugged sleeve with angled cuts that grip the jack tightly for a solid, high-performance connection and the best signal transfer. This special connector design acts like a spring, providing greater tensile strength and an extremely high level of contact pressure.

This is a real Digital Coaxial cable and not the fake one like many others are selling. They just sell a normal RCA cable as Digital Coaxial cable at the same or lower prices than us. So please be careful. When its high quality cables, you can always trust "Cables Etc."

Special Features:

Pure Oxygen Free Copper Conductors

75 Ohm Resistance

High quality rust proof metal connectors with real gold plating.

High-density double-shielding

Filament Sleeve for longer life

Note: Product image shown only indicative. Color may be Different. Quality will Same or Good.

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