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Canon CL 41 Tri Color Ink Cartridge

Price: ₹ 1,630.00


  • Known as: canon 41 ink
  • Manufactured by: Canon
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Canon CL 41 Tri Color Ink Cartridge Specifications, Review & Details

Canon Dye FINE Color Cartridge CL-41, inkjet cartridges




Why use Canon original cartridges?
Canon printers are equipped with sophisticated print heads that require the best inks to deliver the highest quality prints. Inks which have the right viscosity, thermal stability and gravity to prevent smudging and clogging. That is why Canon invested much research into developing the optimal formulation.

Canon original inks are manufactured only in Japan, under strict supervision and in clean rooms. As such, you can be assured that Canon inks will deliver the most vibrant colours and the sharpest text while keeping your Canon printer in tip-top condition. When you purchase Canon ink cartridges, you are also buying the Canon promise of consistency and quality.

Downsides to “compatible” inks?
Third-party inks (also known as compatible inks) are inks by other brands advertised for use with Canon printers.

While it may be tempting to purchase such “compatible” inks because of their lower prices, this may prove to be false economy when you realise the downsides to such inks.

Compatible inks do not share the benefits of our rigorous product development and may consist of chemicals of dubious quality. The environment in which the cartridges are made is equally doubtful and so the inks may be contaminated.

This may result in one or more of the following:


Poor and/or inconsistent print quality


Unreliable cartridges


Ink leakage

In turn, leaking ink cartridges would lead to clogged or choked print heads and result in premature wearing out or damage to the printer.

Constant repairs, downtime, printer problems and costly repairs all translate into wasted time and money. So when considering your costs of printing, take the above into account.

Using non-original Canon ink may cause problems like the following...
Canon receives numerous reports about problems resulting from the use of non-original Canon ink. These products not only prevent you from attaining the full performance of your printer, copier and fax machine, but can also lead to serious problems that require repairs. Always use genuine Canon products.

Case 1: Ink leaks

Ink leaks can block print heads making it impossible to print correctly and causing excessive ink consumption.

Case 2: Poor fit with printer

Non-original Canon ink and toners may be made to inexact tolerances that in some cases can prevent printing entirely by preventing proper installation into the ink head or preventing ink supply even if the ink tank can be installed.

Canon often receives reports of other problems as well, such as color aberrations and color streaking. In many instances, these products had caused print head blockage or other problems that require repairs at a Canon service center.

Case 3: Bad Drum Cleaning problem for Toner Cartridge

As heat and pressure are applied to fix the toner on the paper, the counterfeit toner could not be fully melted and cleaned by the blade causing appearance of lines on the printout pages due to the residual toner.

compatible Printers

iP1200 / 1600 / 1700 / 1880 / 1980 / 2580 / 2680 / 621D
MP150 / MP160 / MP170 / MP180 / MP198 / MP450 / MP145 / MP228 / MP476 / MX308 / MX318

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