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Belkin F5L055 Cooling Pad

Price: ₹ 850.00


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Belkin F5L055 Cooling Pad Specifications, Review & Details

Specifications of Belkin F5L055 Cooling Pad (Black)

Brand:  Belkin
Color:  Black
Category:  Cooling Pad
Model:  F5L055

1. Gentle slope improves typing comfort and reduces wrist strain.

2. Raises screen height to help reduce neck strain.

3. Grips pads to prevent laptop from slipping.

4. Patented wave design enhances cooling capabilities, and fits conveniently within laptop bag.

5. Convenient storage compartment for USB cable when not in use.

Dimensions:  11.7 x 1.8 x 11.4 inches
Size:  12 inch to 15.4 inch
Number of Fans:  1
Noise Level:  Low decible
Power Source:  USB
Power Consumption:  Low Consumption
Adjustability:  Inclinable
Ports and Hubs:  No ports
Weight:  600 gm
Warranty:  3 Year Warranty

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