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Beetel M71 Corded Landline Phone

Price: ₹ 1,150.00


  • Known as: beetel lanline phone
  • Manufactured by: Beetel
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Beetel M71 Corded Landline Phone Specifications, Review & Details

Key Features of Beetel M71 Corded Landline Phone (Black)

  • Corded Phone
  • Alphanumerical Keypad
  • Handsfree 2-way Speaker Phone
  • 99 Incoming Call Memory
  • Backlight Display

Specifications of Beetel M71 Corded Landline Phone (Black)

In the Box
Handset, Base, Line Cord, Coil Cord, User Guide
Brand Beetel
Type Corded Phone
Model Name M71
Parallel Calls Yes
Color Black
Audio Features
Speaker Phone Yes
Other Audio Features Mute, 5 Level Ringer Volume Selectable
Ringtone Features
Number of Ringtones 5 Ringtones
Number of Polyphonic Ringtones 4 Polyphonic Ringtones
Call Features
Call Transfer Yes
Other Call Features Do Not Disturb, Intercom Facility, Redial, Pre-dialling and Edit Function
Display Features
Display Type Monochrome Display with Backlight
Other Display Features 16-Digit LCD Display, 16 Level LCD Contrast Adjustable
Menu Features
Other Menu Features Time Display, Date Display and Pause
Keypad Features
Keypad Alphanumerical
Memory Features
Other Memory Features 6-One Touch Memory
Security Features
Other Security Features Anti Steal Dialing Feature
Additional Features
Other Features 5 Alarm Clock Settings, Basic Calculator
Warranty Summary 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
Covered in Warranty Handset and Base
Not Covered in Warranty Line Cord and Coil Cord
Warranty Service Type Manufacturer's Warranty

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