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Argox 3140 Barcode Printer

Price: ₹ 19,580.00
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Argox 3140 Barcode Printer Specifications, Review & Details

Argox-3140 (300 DPI) Barcode Printer

1) 300dpi print resolution ensures high resolution printing
2) 8M Flash and 8M DRAM memory for high print quality
3) 32-bit CPU for up to 4ips printing speed
4) No ribbon wrinkle with centralized thermal print head
5) RS-232 and USB interfaces
6) Reflective and transmissive movable sensors, and fixed center transmissive sensor
7) Large 5-inch OD media capacity
8) Easy installation of media and ribbon
9) Leverages Argox existing controller technology
10) Supports 1D/GS1 Data bar, 2D/Composite codes and QR barcodes, and more
11) Options include: Cutter, Peeler, Media Stacker, RTC card and Argokee standalone

Printing method : Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer
Printing resolution : 300dpi(12 dots/mm)
printing Speed : 1~4ips(25~102mm/s)
Printing Length : Max 50
Printing Width : MAX 4.1
Memory : 8MB DRAM (5MB user available);8MB Flash ROM (6MB user available)
CPU Type :32 bit RISC microproceessor
Sensors : Media gap & black line Reflective sensor x 1 (Movable) & Transmissive semsor x 1(Movable)
Center Fixed transmissive / Head open switch / Ribbon end sensor
Operation Interface : LED Indicator(Power/Ready)x2, Button(Feed)x1
Communication Interface : RS-232, USB Warranty: 1 Year Standard Manufacturer Warranty

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